810 - Sketch a Day 2014 Update

August 6th. Tree. #sketchaday #spoonchallenge
August 6th. Tree.

August 7th. Landscape. #sketchaday #spoonchallenge
August 7th. Landscape.

August 8th. River. #sketchaday #spoonchallenge
August 8th. River.

August 9th #sketchaday
August 9th.

August 10th #sketchaday
August 10th.

August 11th. Lemon. #sketchaday #spoonchallenge
August 11th. Lemon.

August 12th. Book. #sketchaday #spoonchallenge
August 12th. Book.
So it turns out that Spoonflower don't send prompts at the weekend, which is why a couple in the middle are missing prompts. I decided to try and draw things from my brain instead of copying things for the weekend drawings, as I'm getting a free pass the other 5 days of the week!

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