808 - Sketch a Day 2014 Update

Hello all, and welcome to my normal mid-week sketch a day update, but this time, with a difference.

While I'm already doing the sketch a day challenge, I was reading some crafty blogs the other day and came across the 30 Day Spoon Challenge: A Month of Drawing on Spoonflower.

Basically they are encouraging people to sign up for the challenge, and every day they will email you a prompt for inspiration on what to draw that day. I was quite excited when I saw this, because while I'll be drawing every day anyway, it will be fun to get prompts for 30 days and not have to worry about thinking up something to draw.

The challenge started on August 4th, so my last two drawings from this week are the start of the challenge. I'll post the prompt under the photo too so you know what I was meant to draw.

It's not too late to sign up! You can sign up here or see the prompts on Spoonflower's Instagram account. Each week of prompts has a theme, and Spoonflower have handily created blog posts and Pinterest boards for each prompt/weekly theme if you're a bit stuck for inspiration.

And don't forget to tag all your images with #SpoonChallenge so everyone can check out your work!

July 30th #sketchaday
July 30th. Original image.

July 31st #sketchaday
July 31st. Original image.

August 1st #sketchaday
August 1st.

August 2nd #sketchaday
August 2nd. Original image.

August 3rd #sketchaday
August 3rd. Original image.

August 4th. Cactus. #sketchaday #SpoonChallenge
August 4th. Cactus.

August 5th. Mountain. #spoonchallenge #sketchaday
August 5th. Mountain.

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