Saturday, 26 July 2014

805 - Elbow Cushion

Sometimes I get an idea to make something so ridiculous that I can't not make it. This is definitely one of those times.

Since I've started work I've been getting a really sore elbow from leaning on my desk. I looked it up online and there was loads of different elbow cushions you could buy to ease the pain. I decided I could probably just have a go at crocheting one, and here is it!

Elbow cushion

It's ridiculous, I fully admit that, but it's quite cute and definitely brightens up my desk.

Elbow cushion

Elbow cushion

To make the tiny cushion I used the beginning of the Granny Doris square from the Simply Crochet app. I did the first two rounds the same, but then continued the next two rounds in the same style as round two, so it stayed as a circle. I then joined it with a round of double crochets and stuffed it with some stuffing.

It's quite nice to just randomly crochet up something and also even better that I didn't have to spend any money/wait for something to get delivered!


  1. Thanks so much! It's nice to just be able to quickly whip something up yourself rather than buy something all the time!