791 - Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Oh god, some cross stitch kits just aren't the best are they? Some of them just go wrong from the start, and I think this was one of them.

Donald's mum retired last week, and I thought I would make a little something to pop in with a present for her. Donald had a look through my crafty kits and picked this heart decoration kit.

Heart cross stitch kit

It looked easy enough, and to be honest the actual cross stitching part of it was fine. When it came to doing the back stitching it was another matter. I was left with tonnes of red thread (which I didn't need) and none of the blue and white which I actuall needed. Great, that's just Cross Stitcher free kits all over if I'm being honest. I decided to leave out a lot of the details because I didn't think they actually added much and some of them were quite hard to see anything, so what's the point!

The final challenge was sewing it together. It was supposed to be edged in blanket stitch, which I could do most of the time, but whenI started it and finised it, it looked naff! It also looked awful around where I had to join the ribbon. I did it twice (and tore it out twice) before I decided to just to a simple running stitch type thing.

Heart cross stitch kit

Phew! I'm not 100% over the moon with it if I'm being honest, but I do think it looks nice and I'm happy it turned out at all to be honest. I must put more awesome effort into cross stitch projects from now on to ensure they looks as lovely as possible!

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