Saturday, 28 June 2014

797 - Smashbook Update

It seems any Smashbooking I've been doing lately is for our wedding Smashbook, and my poor normal one has been getting neglected. I looked at my folder of bits and pieces and some of them were nearly a year old! So I decided to clear it out, as I had forgotten what I a couple of bits and pieces were even from, which is never the best!

Smashbook pages

Smashbook pages

Smashbook pages

I did have about half a page started after this, but as it's not finished yet, I'll leave that hidden until next time! I do also really need to get going with my wedding Smashbook if I'm ever going to finish it!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Saturday, 21 June 2014

795 - Headphones Pouch

While I carry a little set of ear buds in my handbag, I also carry a pair of pink Skull Candy headphones for when I really want to shut other people out. They fold in on themselves, so they are quite small compared to usual large headphones, but I was worried they were maybe getting a little bashed about. I also think I'll be using them a lot more when I'm getting the bus to work and such, so I thought I little protection was in order, and I decided to whip up a little pouch to keep them safe.

Headphones pouch

Headphones pouch

I made it using two colours of pink felt, a really dark one and spotty one. I just sewing it in a simple square-ish shape and attached some Velcro to the inside lips. To decorate it I sewed on a cute little crochet flower I bought in a set of crochet embellishments from Ikea a while ago. I also attached some buttons to the tops to add some more decoration, but also to cover the line of stitching from when I sewed it together.

Headphones pouch

Headphones pouch

It was quite simple and didn't take me long to knock up, but hopefully will do the job of stopping my headphones getting too bashed/accidentally pulling the chord out when I'm hunting for them!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Saturday, 14 June 2014

793 - Granny Square a Week 1-4

Granny squares

A little while ago, I blogged about Simply Crochet's awesome new app, Granny Square a Week. I decided that I should really have a bash at all the granny square patterns on offer.

As you know, I love a granny square, but I only really know how to do the basic one and a granny rectangle. I decided to widen my knowledge and have a go at all the patterns.

I'm going to try four per post, so they'll be split up a little bit. So here's the first four squares from the app for you to have a gander at.

Granny Square 1 - Your First Granny.

Granny squares

Even though I've made a good few granny squares, I decided to still have a bash at the first one. I always sort of forget the chain placement of a basic square, so it's good to have the pattern at hand on my phone. I honestly think this is the neatest regular granny square I've ever made, so I definitely think this is a pattern I'll be going back to.

Granny Square 2 - Granny Edna.

Granny squares

I went for a warm colour scheme for this one, and I love the way it turned out! It's so neat and pretty. I also think that a square like this would make a nice pot holder or something because it doesn't have as much of an open stitch as the regular square.

Granny Square 3 - Granny Mabel.

Granny squares

I am in love with this square! It's quite a lot bigger than the other, but I just love the combo of the two styles of the previous squares. I also love the wee edging on it. A blanket of these would look lush.

Granny Square 4 - Granny Doris.

Granny squares

Last one and bit of a cool colour pallet, this is a granny square style I see a lot of on Pinterest, so I was happy to give it a try finally! It started off more of a circle, until you put the corners in with the stripey purple round. A bit more fiddly that the other ones, it still turned out lovely.

Basically, I am in love with granny squares. They are great for using up your stash and improving your crochet knowledge quite quickly, but still having a finished product to show off. I think I'll just save up all these squares, it's just fun to have a bash and see what I can make.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Saturday, 7 June 2014

791 - Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Oh god, some cross stitch kits just aren't the best are they? Some of them just go wrong from the start, and I think this was one of them.

Donald's mum retired last week, and I thought I would make a little something to pop in with a present for her. Donald had a look through my crafty kits and picked this heart decoration kit.

Heart cross stitch kit

It looked easy enough, and to be honest the actual cross stitching part of it was fine. When it came to doing the back stitching it was another matter. I was left with tonnes of red thread (which I didn't need) and none of the blue and white which I actuall needed. Great, that's just Cross Stitcher free kits all over if I'm being honest. I decided to leave out a lot of the details because I didn't think they actually added much and some of them were quite hard to see anything, so what's the point!

The final challenge was sewing it together. It was supposed to be edged in blanket stitch, which I could do most of the time, but whenI started it and finised it, it looked naff! It also looked awful around where I had to join the ribbon. I did it twice (and tore it out twice) before I decided to just to a simple running stitch type thing.

Heart cross stitch kit

Phew! I'm not 100% over the moon with it if I'm being honest, but I do think it looks nice and I'm happy it turned out at all to be honest. I must put more awesome effort into cross stitch projects from now on to ensure they looks as lovely as possible!