785 - Fox Brooches

May 17, 2014
On Friday I decided to take a break from the many wool based crafts I am partaking in just now and make something quite quick and cute.  I raided through my free kit bag and came out with this cute little fox brooch kit from Mollie Makes.

Fox brooches

I love the patterns from Mollie Makes kits, but sometimes the supplies aren't amazing. With this kit, the needle wasn't sharp enough to actually pierce the felt from the kit, and one of the brooch backs didn't actually have a gap in it, so I couldn't use it. Luckily I have loads of needles and brooch backs, so I wasn't stuck!

These were really quick to whip up, I think it took me about an hour or so to do both!

Fox brooches

They are so cute, and because they aren't exactly the same, I think they would work alone as a brooch or together as collar clips or something. Either way, I'm very excited to wear them!

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