783 - Bit of a Failure

May 12, 2014
I think with craft you need to get used to the idea that not everything is going to work out the way you planned/the way the kit shows you. I had this trouble with a cross stitch kit this weekend.

I took the kit to my Mum's, as I was staying there while Donald was off reffing in Oslo, and managed to finish it on Sunday night. It all started off all good, and then I realised I had done one of the common cross stitching errors, counting incorrectly! Doh! Then I ran out of one of the tan shades. Great. Finally, when it came to doing all the back stitch, I just couldn't get the stuff on the flowers to look right! I think it was because my cross stitch wasn't the same as the pattern, so when I tried to just freehand it, it looked awful.

Eventually I just decided to do the back stitch on the teddy bear's face and not the flowers. This was the insert for a card, so I'm hoping whoever gets it will know what it's supposed to be!

Teddy bear cross stitch card

Teddy bear cross stitch card

Does it look like a teddy cuddling in some flowers? If so then I've done not a bad job. Life's too short to spend it doing annoying backstitch!

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