768 - Three Steps to Getting Over my Sewing Machine Fear

April 07, 2014
I have a total fear of my sewing machine. It's far more prominent than my fear of knitting and my fear of cutting into fabric of any kind. But I sit down and watch The Great British Sewing Bee and wish I could knock up a pair of leggings in an hour and a half. Imagine how many leggings I could have?!?

The other day I took a little time to get to know my sewing machine and hopefully help me get over my fear of it a little.

1. Reading the manual.

Sewing machine

This may seem super obvious but I didn't realise how helpful my manual actually is! I've read it before when I was learning to use my machine and not really looked at it since. However, I had a look through it and discovered it's full of helpful advice. It tells me things like what needles and thread to use on which fabric (I sort of just...sew), how to sew a buttonhole and the fact that I can sew with two needles and two threads at once! I didn't know this!

Sewing machine

It's nice to know all the things my machine is actually capable of, so I shouldn't be scared of attempting it.

2. Labelling my feet!

My sewing machine came with three or four different feet attachments for different sewing tasks. I've also picked up a couple of feet that I've wanted (darning/embroidery foot) or been told I really needed (magnetic seam guide). However, most of the time I see them in my sewing machine bag and have no idea which is which. I decided to look up which was was and label them all, so it doesn't feel as stressy when I think about popping another foot on.

Sewing machine

I used little plastic bags that spare buttons come in and labelled them with my trusty label maker.

3. Needles needles needles!

Much like buying a couple of extra feet and having the fear of using them, I bought some different needles for different needs for my sewing machine. I read in one of my sewing books that it was a good idea to have a selection of needles, so I went to Hobbycraft and just picked out a few I thought I would need. However, looking at them now, I wasn't sure exactly how to use them.

However, I looked up the brand's website (Klasse needles) and they, luckily, tell you exactly what each needle type does. So I wrote them out on little note cards, and popped them in beside my needles.

Sewing machine

I think it's definitely a case of knowledge is power when it comes to my sewing machine. I think it knows more than I do about the whole affair and it scares me. But I totally feel like I have a better understanding of it now, so I will challenge myself to use my sewing machine more! I even have a cute pattern picked out from DIY Couture. Wish me luck!


  1. I'm glad it's not just me! I got the Home Ec e-course (http://homeeconline.blogspot.com/) about a year ago, and I just started using it last weekend. I was so intimidated by my sewing machine! But, once I read through the manual and watched one of the Home Ec videos and spent two hours playing around with threading it and loading the bobbin...well, I'm still a little leery, but not as much as before. (Not affiliated with the Home Ec course btw, just added the link since I mentioned the course.) Good luck with your sewing!

  2. Oh that's cool! I was meant to do a sewing class about a year or two ago, but it was cancelled at the last minute, and I've never found another one that covered sort of all the things I wanted to do since. I'll need to keep an eye out. If it's not just sewing a straight line, I just get freaked out, but I'm hoping to tame the fear!


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