766 - Sketch a Day 2014 Update

April 02, 2014
I always thought this drawing challenge would be a good, because it would make me draw everyday, but it would also encourage me to show off drawings that maybe weren't perfect. I can't rip a page out of this diary as it'll ruin the whole project, so the bad stays in with the good.

This week I was doing a sketch one night, quite late at night when I had turned my computer off, and I decided to just make something up to draw. We've got a little figure of a fly scientist on our games shelf, so I decided to draw him. And he just turned out rubbish (you'll see him below). I was very sad. After a couple of days of moping about him and my lack of effort, I decided to go back to putting more time and effort into my drawing, which you'll hopefully see with the last four of this week which are both done in pencil (so I can fix mistakes) and coloured in! I liked the fast, no fuss approach of pen for a while, but I definitely like the effort based ones more ha ha!

March 27th #sketchaday
March 26th. Original image.

March 27th #sketchaday rubbish fly/scientist thing
March 27th. Ugh don't even talk to me about this guy.

March 28th #sketchaday
March 28th. Original image.

March 29th #sketchaday
March 29th. Original image.

March 30th #sketchaday
March 30th. Original image.

March 31st #sketchaday
March 31st. Original image.

April 1st #sketchaday
April 1st. Original image.

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