762 - Cross Stitch Bookmarks

March 24, 2014
In a bid to go through my free kits I have piled up over the last little while, I decided to tackle one of my big Enjoy Cross Stitch magazine kits. I went for the wildlife one, which gave you the stuff to make two bookmarks, two little frames and 6 cards, and decided to make the bookmarks first.



I then added some little wildlife stickers from the pack to the bottom to brighten them up a bit.

I did get a bit excited when I was making the red flower though and stuck it all in place before realising I hadn't done the backstitch. Whoops! I don't think you can really notice though, it still looks really nice though.

As I have so many bookmark myself, I think I'll put these in with presents I give people or something, so they can go to people who will actually use them.

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