Saturday, 22 March 2014

761 - Wedding Invites

So all the wedding invites are finally out (well they've been out for a while but I kept forgetting to take photos of my spares) so I can show them off. This and the save the dates are really the only things I can show off on the blog pre-wedding. There's a couple more crafty things I'd like to show off, but it would spoil the surprise for the wedding guests.

So as our wedding theme is woodland, we picked up these foxy invites from Paperchase.

Wedding invites

Me and my Mum both saw them on separate occasions and both thought they were perfect. They are also the same brown as our save the date tags, which was perfect. The back was obviously pre-printed, so my Mum printed out our own words and stuck the over the back of the invites. She also stamped the tops to make the butterflies and then had to freehand cut the curves in the sides! Thanks Mum! 

Wedding invites

We also had to stick the little purple butterflies on, which meant we ended up with a lot of Pritt Stick on our fingers. We also had separate wording for the evening invites, but it was the same design, just different timings.

Wedding invites

Also check out the cute little stickers we got for the back of the envelopes.

Wedding invites

Finally we made a little insert to stick in with the invite to give RSVP and gift details (please excuse the piece of paper covering my Mum's address), which we also stamped along the top to get the daisies.

Wedding invites

Our main colours are green and purple so we tried to using them in the paper we used.

I'm really happy with how they turned out, and we got loads of compliments on them. I'm so happy we managed to get something that wasn't overly expensive but totally fitted in with our theme. Only three weeks left now! Eek!


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