755 - Paper crane

March 08, 2014
If you got this month's issue of Mollie Makes, you might have seen the lovely printed page they gave you which you were supposed to make a paper crane out of. Donald makes paper cranes all the time, out of anything, and we have a ton of them scattered about the flat, so I thought I would join in.

Made my paper crane from #molliemakes #craftykindness

How lovely is the paper? If you didn't get Mollie Makes, you can download the paper from their website.

This is also the tutorial that Mollie Makes gave you the URL for, though I did get a little confused in places as I think it moves quite fast and it's sometimes hard to see what she's doing because her hands are in the way.

If you make one, and post a picture online, hashtag it with #craftykindness so everyone can take a peek!


  1. I fold cranes all of the time, and that paper is beautiful! Thank you for providing the link- I don't see Mollie Makes often in the US. I think I'll print it and fold one for myself!

  2. Quite alright. I think printer paper might make it easier to fold too as the magzine paper was a little thick.


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