745 - Cross Stitch Notebook

February 10, 2014
In a bid to slim down my free kit collection I had a wee look through the one I didn't necessarily want to keep for myself and decided to make a wee gift to pop in with Donald's sister's birthday present.

I've had this blank notebook with a little cross stitch window in it pretty much since I started buying craft magazines, but as you may know, I DO NOT NEED anymore notebooks. I know Donald's sister loves pretty stationery, so I thought it would be perfect for her.

Cross stitch notebook

Cross stitch notebook

Cross stitch notebook

I got the pattern for the cute little pencil, rubber and sharpener from X Stitch by Sarah Fordham and I love how it looks. So quick to do as well, and no back stitch! I'm in love!

I also covered the inside page with some scrap booking paper to cover the back of the stitches and make it look pretty! One kit down, only like 40 odd to go!

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