728 - Christmas Pressies

December 26, 2013
So know that Christmas has sadly passed, I can finally start posting about the Christmas presents I made for friends and family.

First up are the little presents I made for our friends Sven and Stacey. I decided to craft them a little something each for their house. So for Sven I made some Portal perler bead fridge magnets.

Portal magnets

It meant I finally got to use the glow in the dark perler beads I have. I got the pattern from here if you want to make them yourself.

Next up I made some dinosaur felt coasters for Stacey as she loves dinosaurs. I used some spotty felt I had and cut out some cute dinosaur shapes I found on this blog. They were quite easy to make but I really liked how they turned out.

Dinosaur coasters

In return I was gifted with these lovelies!

First Xmas pressies #totalchild


  1. I love the Portal magnets! Best use of glow in the dark perlers! ^___^

  2. Thanks! Yeah I thought they looked really cool, I have some awesome halloween patterns I need to try out with them too.


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