725 - Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

December 05, 2013
Guess what guys?! I got a job! I am so happy! It's a three month contract just now but I'm crossing my fingers that it could lead to something more permanent. If not, at least it's more experience for the CV.

To celebrate this fact I decided to embroider a blank tote bag I've had for a while to be my new work bag. I usually have to take another bag to work to carry my lunch box and book in. I had been planning to embroider an Aimee Ray pattern on my bag, as I bought it probably over a year ago, but decided to change it up a bit.

I went for the quote from The Simpsons, "Everything's coming up Milhouse". If you don't know the quote, you can see it below.

It's one of my favourite quotes and I thought it summed up my mood of things are looking up!

Milhouse bag

Milhouse bag

I'm very happy with how it turned out, and the photos I was popping up on Instagram as I was making it were getting bucket loads of likes, so I guess other people are Milhouse fans too!

I also really liked this tote bag, which I got from Hobbycraft the same as all my other ones, but this one was nice and thick, as opposed to the quite thin ones I'm used to. So I'm hoping this can handle all the crap I lug around with me. 

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