723 - Polar Bear

So for the past couple of years I've been making Christmas ornaments for my Mum to hang on her Christmas tree. This year I asked her what she would like and she finally settled on a polar bear.

I looked around for a good pattern, but sadly there was quite a lack of good free ones. I settled on tracing an outline of a china polar bear figure and changing the face (as the one in the ornament was looking up at the sky). I also added a little fish parcel for the cute polar bear as his Christmas present.

So here he is.

Polar bear ornament

And I embroidered the date on the back of him as I always do, so we know which ornament is from which year.

Polar bear ornament

I still have a couple of Christmas ornament craft kits left to make but I think my Christmas crafting is over for this year. Alongside the tag and card kits I have to do (which I already said I was probably going to leave and just focus on ornaments) I still have a peg doll, a garland kit and a little knitted polar bear kit to do. I bought the needles to do the polar bear kit before realising it was actually double pointed needles I needed. And as I haven't got the hang of knitting on them yet, he definitely won't be getting done this year.

I'm hoping to avoid having such a backlog of free kits next year as I'm stopping my subscription to Cross Stitcher this year. I just feel a lot of the free kits are very similar, and as cross stitch is such a time consuming craft, I feel I already have such a huge library of patterns, I really don't need to add more to the pile.

I'm still considering my Mollie Makes subscription, but as they focus on loads of different crafts, and the kits are more varied, it will probably survive. I don't think I can go cold turkey on crafty magazines!


  1. I love the Mollie Makes magazine, they have such variety in each issue. Great job on your polar bear!

  2. Yeah I love them so much, but my magazine pile is getting crazy high ha ha. If i have to stay with one it will defo be them. And thanks :) I love how he turned out.


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