719 - Little Hats

November 11, 2013
As you know, when I made my own little hats for Innocent's Big Knit this year, I was very keen to make sure I managed to pick up a hat when they were gracing the little bottles. I've never managed to do this before, so it was a mission.

So last week, I went on the hunt, and after a couple of failed attempts with hat-less smoothies, I finally found some in Boots in the Gyle. I was so excited. Ever since I saw the little apple hat in the hat gallery on the Innocent website I was REALLY hoping I could get a little apple hat. Well luck must have been on my side that day.

Yay apple hat. #bigknitmyhat

Yay! How cute is it? I mean really! I'm so happy!

I've also been trawling the #bigknitmyhat hashtag on Instagram, trying to see if the hats I made pop up anywhere. Exciting!

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