718 - Christmas Teddy

November 08, 2013
With Christmas fast approaching yet again, and my pile of "stuff I want to make for Christmas" still being quite big, I decided I was going to try and knock through what Christmas kits I had left. I have loads of card kits to make but I'd quite like to knock through all the decorations at least.

First up I decided to tackle this Christmas teddy kit that I've had for ages. I always thought he was a card, but he's just some festive stitching on a mount, which means I can pop him up in the house.

Teddy cross stitch

Much like the Christmas cat I stitched earlier this year, all the stitching was visible once I popped him in the mount, so I covered the back with some Christmas scrapbooking paper.

Teddy cross stitch

This project had a lot of things I hate about cross stitch. A lot of very similar colours (natural white, cream, tan, light tan, etc.) and lots of stupid back stitch which makes your brain hurt just trying to follow it. But I am happy he's finally done!

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