716 - Woodland knits & 5 reasons why I love it

November 02, 2013
I have a lot of craft books, and because of this there aren't that many that jump out at me as "Oh my God I need to own that" these days. However, I had read about Woodland Knits by Stephanie Dosen in a couple of places and was pretty convinced that this was one book I did in fact need. The clincher came when I spotted a pattern I had been coveting on Pinterest (but didn't know where it was from due to some bad pinning) and spotted it in a magazine review for this book!

Woodland knits

So I ordered it and here are my five favourite patterns in the book.

1) The Fawn Poncho.

Woodland knits

I was so excited when I spotted this pattern! If you read the blog One Sheepish Girl you may have seen her knitting this very item. It's so lovely and cute! Meredith from One Sheepish Girls purchased the single pattern from the Tiny Owl Knits Etsy shop (which also has a number of the patterns from this book available for single sale) but I couldn't convince myself to buy a single knitting pattern when 1) I have a lot of patterns still to make and 2) at the time I was very rubbish at knitting. It's so nice to know I have this in my collection now! Exciting!

2) Meow Mitts.

Woodland knits

This the reason I caved and bought this book. I pinned these mittens on a Pinterest a little while ago, and was totally in love with them. And then I saw their picture in a magazine, saying they came from Woodland Knits. Sold! They are so cute!

3) Garden Gate & Ivy.

Woodland knits

This cowl is lovely. I love the colours and the knitted pattern, it's just amazing.

4) Oh My Bear!

Woodland knits

Look at this sweater! Just look at it!!!! Will I ever be able to knit this? Who knows, but I just love everything about it, and would love to give it a try. It looks so snuggly.

5) The Changeling Collar.

Woodland knits

I've been wanting to make myself a collar for some time now, having seen a cute felt one in Sew magazine a few issues ago, but this one is so cute. I love the colours.

I highly recommend Woodland Knits, it just looks amazing, and while I've picked out 5 patterns I'm totally in love with, everything in the book is lovely, and there is loads more I would like to make.

Also check out Tiny Owls Knits Esty shop for more patterns, including the pattern for a set of woodland gloves, which I am in love with.

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