711 - Big Knit. Little Hats.

October 18, 2013
If you're anything like me, you might have heard of Innocent's Big Knit campaign but not really been involved in it. I managed to get a hat last year from my Mum I think, which now sits on top of my DVD rack, but I never seem to see the little hats when they are actually in the shop!

If you don't know what the Big Knit is all about, check out what Innocent have to say about it on their website:

"As many as 24,000 older people die needlessly because of the cold every winter. Many others spend the time lonely and isolated, unable to heat their homes and struggling to get out and about.

So ten years ago we had an idea. We asked some older people, and some younger people, to knit little woolly hats. We put those hats on our smoothies, and for each one sold we made a donation to Age UK."

This year I heard that the deadline for sending in the hats had been extended to Halloween, and realising I had enough time to actually take part, I decided to get my knit on.

I looked on their website and they have a whole load of patterns, but I decided to go for the Doddle Pattern, because that way I could knock a few out quickly.

Innocent hats

Innocent hats

Innocent hats

Innocent hats

I'm very proud of the rainbow one, and I'm so jealous of the orange and grey one because I would totally wear that. Maybe I need to make a big one for myself.

I'm also excited because I got to make pom poms for the first time ever and actually managed them! I bought pom pom makers a little while ago, and I knew from instructions that they were really easy, but I still had to fear. But luckily I managed them and they are as easy as they look!

If you're interested in making some amazing tiny hats for Innocent you still have plenty of time, and these hats only took me about an hour each, pom pom and sewing in ends included. Check out their website for details and look out for the hats when they pop up on top of the smoothies! I'll be doing the same as I always seem to miss them! 


  1. Your hats are so cute!Ive been doing this too, after years of meaning to but never getting round to it! So gonna make some full size versions!xx

  2. Yup they are so cute! I need to do them every year. X


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