707 - Knitted Milk Carton

October 06, 2013
It's been quite a while since I pinned this knitted milk carton pattern to one of my Pinterest boards. I had actually tried to bid on one on eBay as part of Teen Granny's Knit Relief but he had gone out of my price range. A quick google later and I found the free pattern!

Well after my recent run of knitting success, I decided to give him a bash.

Milk carton

Milk carton

Milk carton

Milk carton

I love how he turned out, though I found the pattern a bit confusing at times, though I think I worked it out. I'm most proud of the fact I managed to knit a word!

The worst part were the instructions for sewing him together, as I just couldn't get the top part of him to make sense and had to do it all again (with the help of Donald) before I got it right.

His shape is a little off,as it was quite hard to stuff him and get him to hold his shape, so he's not quite as perfect a square as he might be. Also the top bit is a bit mental, even on the second attempt. But I love him! Look at his wee face!

Here he is chilling in the kitchen where he belongs. Very happy.

Milk carton.

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