703 - The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

September 24, 2013
So a couple of weeks ago I went down to see my Dad when we was on holiday down on the East Coast of England. I took my two Games of Thrones kits from Capes & Crafts with me as I figured they would be quick, easy makes.

Game of Thrones kit

Game of Thrones kit

I like the little personalisation touches on the back too.

Game of Thrones kit

I managed to make a couple of mistakes on these kits, which to be honest, is my usual style so why change now? Firstly I ran out of thread on the Direwolf kit, which is probably due to my tendency to knot the thread and such, but oh well, that's the way I like to work. Secondly I did the maths wrong on the Lannister kit and it's a little off centre. Whoops. Though I still think it looks fine so I'm quite happy.

I loved both of these kits and they have a whole range of all the Game of Thrones houses coasters on offer. I would definitely recommend them if you like geeky stitches and Games of Thrones.


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