Saturday, 21 September 2013

702 - Winter Hat

As I've been on a knitting kick lately, I decided to crack out another free wool set and try and make a hat. I had to buy some 9mm needles to make the hat, so I also popped to the craft shop and got some extras too.

New goodies

I got another two sizes of stitch holders and some embroidery thread so a hopefully upcoming project.

So the hat was made in some nice chunky white wool, and involved more things I've never done before, such as yarn over, purl two together and knit two together into the back loop. It was exciting, and You Tube was a great help for looking up single stitches that I was stuck on. When I was finished, two episodes of Murder, She Wrote later, it looked like this.

Knit and crochet hat

It looks totally fine, mistake free even, however it was too small for my head! I knitted it to the 15.5cms the pattern called for, but it didn't even come down into my fringe. I was gutted and moaned about it on Facebook, then my mum suggested crocheting an edge around it to make it bigger. I decided to try that with some nice chunky pink wool I made a scarf with a while back, and did two rows of triple crochet around the trim.

Knit and crochet hat

I'm so happy! I love how it looks and how nice the white and the pink look together. And I'm double happy that I didn't waste my time knitting. Here's some dorky photos me modelling it to prove that it does indeed fit me.

Knit and crochet hat

Knit and crochet hat


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