696 - First flower press

September 03, 2013
Now if you remember, last year with some birthday money, I bought myself a flower press kit from Hobbycraft.

hobbycraft goodies

I honestly keep forgetting I have it, and then it was winter and there were no flowers around. A few weeks ago, I decided to go for a walk along the Water of Leith path and see what I could find. I had read on The Dainty Squid that things like ferns and grasses pressed the best (check out this lovely post for more details), so alongside some of them I picked a few little flowers and then let them press for 6 weeks.

I finally got around to opening them and I was quite excited by some of the results. Here's the good.

Flower press flowers

And the bad...

Flower press flowers

Whoops. The one that is little bunches looks okay in the photo but it looked rubbish in real life. I've not got the knack of pressing shaped flowers in a way that doesn't just smoosh them.

Also because I'm a loser, my kit came with a flower record card to record your pressing, so I filled that out.

Flower press flowers

Flower press

I need to have a look when I'm out again and see what else I can pick before the cold weather starts swooping in. I'm planning to use these lovelies in either my Smashbook or my notebook, I'm so happy with how the fern and the grass turned out.

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