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August 19, 2013
This month marked the last night that my friend Matt was a DJ at Decade, a monthly pop-punk, emo and hardcore night run at Studio 24 in Edinburgh.

Matt is one of my really good friends, and I met him when he was DJing at the Hive on a Tuesday night. I was so sad when I heard Matt was giving up, and as I missed his last night at the Hive, I decided to make him a leaving present to mark his last Decade (though obviously I'm still going to see him a lot).

Music means a lot to me, especially pop-punk/emo music. Nights at the Hive are where I met so many people (including Donald) and certain songs just bring back such good memories.

I decided to cross-stitch Matt (also known as Matt 27) a sampler with quotes from some of the best songs that get played on a night out. Ones that make me shout louder than the music and ones that bring us all together on the stage.

Pop-punk sampler

Pop-punk sampler

Pop punk sampler

I came up with as many quotes as I could fit into the A4 frame I bought, and made the pattern using this awesome text tool I found online.

I stitched this for about a week and a half straight, and I am insanely happy with how it turned out. I love the colours and the font too. I love when things turn out even better than I would have thought.

Can you guess all the songs I've quoted in the sampler? If not, I've made a video playlist of them all below. Enjoy!


  1. "I stitched this for about a week and a half straight"
    Thanks so much though, was hugely appreciated!
    (also, we actually met at hive on a monday night when myself and AJ ran that games night thing! haha)

    1. Ha ha oh yeah guitar hero! Still the hive tho :) well about a week and a half from start to finish whenever I had time, so mostly when I should have been at work ha ha :)

  2. love it and love all the songs!! the taste of ink lyric gets me shouting.every.time.xx

    1. Thanks. Love that song so much. Once someone played it at 4 in the morning and I went mental ha ha :)


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