690 - Look! A jackalope!

August 16, 2013
So I decided that I was going to have a wee go of stitching up my free What Delilah Did cross stitch kit that came in the back of her book Storyland Cross Stitch. The kit is designed to let you complete one of the off with their heads projects, which sees three poor creatures going headless.

I picked the jackalope, because I thought he was the cutest. It was all in black, which was interesting as it's something I don't think I've done before.

Jackalope embroidery

I love how he turned out, though working on evenweave was a bit stressful to start with, I think I managed to get the hang of it in the end.

The book also describes my now favourite way of mounting work into a hoop. I've tried a few different ways in the past, most of which involved my hot glue gun, which scares me a bit as I used it on my wrestling cross stitch hoop, and I can see some glue marks shining through. Rubbish! The book suggests running glue around the inner ring of the hoop and the mounting the backing fabric until the glue dries. Then repeat with the actual stitching, and when it's all dry, just cut the fabric quite close to the ring at the back. It was definitely the easiest way I've done it, and no glue stains or anything! Perfect.


  1. Beautiful!

    I've just got this book myself actually so it's nice to see something stitched from it :) It's such a beautiful book - I can't decide what to stitch first ^^;

  2. Thanks! Well I have the kit for the owl cushion so he's next on my list. Everything is just so pretty x


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