685 - Pitcher coaster

August 01, 2013
So before I start this can I just say, Pinterest! What on earth are you doing?! The new embed function is actually awful! Not that the old one was actually that much better considering the pictures seemed to break about two weeks after I posted them. But this new one, I don't like it!

Anyway, a few weeks ago Wild Olive posted this lovely lemonade coaster.

I have a lovely pitcher that I got from my Gran, so this would be something I would actually use. I picked some lovely colours of felt, which you'll have seen in the Hobbycraft supplies.

Pitcher coaster

Pitcher coaster

Pitcher coaster

I have to say, cutting out a load of hexagons was quite a lot of pressure, but I think I managed to cut them all out vaguely even. I used slightly less hexagons that the pattern said, purely because my slice of felt was 9" by 12", instead of 12" by 12".

It's so cute though, I loved how it turned out.

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