680 - Kokeshi doll card

Another day, another Cross Stitcher free kit. I must be banging through them at a fair rate now. I picked this Kokeshi doll card because it looked pretty and had no fractionals, which is always a good thing.

Kokeshi doll card

She turned out lovely, and I like the touch of gluing the little bow on. However, it did say it would take about 4 hours and I think it took a lot longer than that! Still, hopefully whoever gets this card will think she's quite sweet.


  1. god, you're flying through these! im currently on the flower cards from I think the last issue, still need to do this one tho! xx

  2. Ha ha thanks, I've just been crafting quite non-stop! I have so many kits I need to do, I wonder if I'll ever finish them all!


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