676 - Totoro! Totoro!

July 05, 2013
I've been on a craft purge lately. Trying to make as many of my kits as I have hanging around in the hopes of de-stashing just a little. I had some felt that I had bought for some specific projects too, so I decided to knock one of them out in the form of Totoro.

I found this tutorial a while ago and as it was all felt, I was all for it.

Totoro plush

Totoro plush

And here he is chilling out on my bookshelf.

Totoro plush

I have to say, one thing I hate about sewing with felt is when you try and turn it outside it, it's so hard! Lord! But all in all it was a really easier pattern to do, and if my sewing machine skills were a little better I'm sure he would look a bit neater.

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