675 - Christmas Cat

I've had this little guy for what must be close to two years, but every year the Christmas rush comes around and I end up not making him. Sad times. Well I was in the mood to make him this week, and I finally managed it. This was one of those patterns with a lot of similar colours but it didn't take too long too as I was only stitching his head and then his legs.

Christmas cat

He came with this cute festive mount to put him in, so it looks like he's hanging through the wreath. Because the stitching was showing at the back, I decided to stick some Christmas scrap booking paper I had on there to keep the back to the stitching safe (and hidden ha ha!).

Christmas cat

The back stitch in this wasn't actually too much of a pain and he just looks so much better with it, I couldn't have left it out.

This was a really old Cross Stitcher cover kit (from 2006 I believe) and I have to say I liked the quality of the kit a lot better than the current ones. The thread was a actually a nice length instead of ridiculously short, the fabric was soft and bendy instead of rock hard, and even the quality of the thread felt softer and nicer. I have read some things online about the quality of Cross Stitcher kits going down but had never seen it myself as I only started getting the magazine a couple of years ago. However, I definitely liked this kit better.

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