674 - Sketchy Cross Stitch

June 29, 2013
Last week I was out charity shopping with my Mum and saw this amazing blue tit cross stitch cover kit from World of Cross Stitch. Happily (and for once) it actually had the pattern inside the kit, so I could buy it without the hassle I've had a couple of times of trying to source the pattern online. Phew!

I really don't need any more cross stitch kits, but I loved the way this one was done to make it look like a sketch. And the colours are just lush.

Bluebird card

It's supposed to be a card but no way am I giving this bad boy away. Check out the card mount, even it is totally gorgeous.

Bluebird card

Bluebird card

Love it so much, and it only took about 2 and a half hours to finish!

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