667 - Let's Take a Break

June 09, 2013
I love my blog. I'm not going to say I don't. But I've been feeling a bit sad about it lately. I make sure I blog twice a week, along with Sunday Snaps and Friday Favs, and yet my views have been steadily dropping since I stopped posting every single day. Obviously that's to be expected. It's just maths since I'm posting less. But my views have dropped to almost as low as they ever were, even when I first started.

Now I'm not all about the views and other people reading my blog. It's just nice to share my crafts and have them to look back at. So I figure, if I'm just doing my blog for me, why am I making a big effort to post a set number each week? I should just post when I've made something awesome and I want to post about it.

So I'm not going anywhere, in fact I have a post going up tomorrow, but I've just decided not to be as regular as I have been in the past (which sometimes lead to me crafting when I wasn't in the mood to ensure I had cool things to write about). Life is a bit mental just now, especially in a work-related capacity, so less stress is always good. So I'll just be blogging when I make stuff/scrapbook/get some awesome crafty supplies.

 So basically, I shouldn't worry about whether people read my blog. I like doing it even if no-one reads it. But if you do love reading it, don't worry, I'll still be here, just maybe not a set four times a week.
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  1. Try not to fret too much over page views, dear! I know a lot of people use feed readers so your page views might not be representative of how many people are actually reading. I use Google Reader (until it goes away at the end of the month, that is) and I just read your posts there without clicking over to your blog.

  2. Thanks miss :) yeah it's more the worrying about the worrying that's the bad thing when it should be about the love of craft :)


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