657 - Patchwork cushion

May 21, 2013
So last week I tried to make my t-shirt quilt and then got the fear. It seemed like too many steps and I was worried I would ruin my t-shirts, so I decided to have a go at something more low-key. I had a pack of fabric squares I got free in Sew magazine, and after finding the right issue (which is no easy task in my massive pile) I settled on making a large patchwork cushion. Mainly because it used all the fabric in the pack, but also because a cushion was something that I wouldn't mind in the house, as opposed to another pin cushion or a plush elephant.

I think this is the longest I ever used my sewing machine, and I only made one mistake (sewing two bits of fabric the wrong sides together) and I managed to fix that quickly. I'm very impressed, because there was a lot of sewing involved.

Patchwork cushion

Patchwork cushion

The back was made by hemming two pieces of fabric that were a bit shorter than the cushion, and then sewing them on to the right side of the patchwork and flipping them round. I was impressed at how quickly it made a lovely envelope back for the cushion, which would be cool if I ever made one again. Though I just filled it with stuffing and not a cushion pad, so it's a bit lumpier than it should be.

Patchwork cushion

And here it is on the bed, with an assortment of other squishy friends.

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