656 - Happy Birthday to Me

May 20, 2013

So today is my birthday and I turn 26. 26 is quite a scary age because I'm now officially closer to 30 than I am 20, but oh well.

So to celebrate my birthday I thought I would do 10 facts about the year that's just past and the year that's coming up.

  1. Last December I got engaged!
  2. By the time my next birthday comes around I'll be married!
  3. And I'll be Kim Morrison and not Kim Hutton anymore.
  4. This year I gave up competitive skating and moved over to reffing with Fierce Valley Roller Girls. It's scary as hell sometimes, but I totally love it. 
  5. And I've reffed two bouts so far this year, with my third (and first as a jam ref) coming up this week! 
  6. Even though I turned 25 with blonde hair, I soon went back to my more "natural" colour of straight out of the box red. 
  7. In the past year I've learnt to crochet. How exciting. 
  8. I added a new tattoo to my collection and finally got my rose tattoo for my Gran. 
  9. I'll have been at my job three years this August. Now that is scary.
  10. And basically, I've spent the whole month and a half listening to nothing but Paramore's new album. It's too good!

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