653 - Headphones case

May 15, 2013
So about a year ago, I knitted myself this little headphones case.

Knitted headphone pouch.

I had just knitted a couple of things and was feeling pretty good about it so decided to take a bash at this little case. I loved it but like 2 weeks later the little loop had come off because my attaching skills probably left a lot to be desired.

I decided a new headphones case was the way to go so I got rid of my falling apart little knitted one (which was also a on the small side), saved the button for another project and cracked out a Mollie Makes kit for a little purse.




I think this was one of the first free kits I got with Mollie Makes, so I have had it sitting there for a while just waiting to get made. I've very happy with how it turned out, and I even used my sewing machine without killing anything. Let's just hope the glue holds up.

Now, I'm not going to lie to you, I had two purse kits from Mollie Makes, the other one being an oil cloth one I got quite recently, which was exactly the same kit (which is a bit rubbish if I'm honest) but with oil cloth. I decided if I was going to make one I might as well make the other (as it was the same template and everything.

Well let's just say the oil cloth one didn't make it. After some bad cutting, bad machine sewing and even worse hot glue action, it was just a mess. Oops! So in the bin it went. At least one survived!

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