648 - Mini Hoops

As this year I've mainly been trying to get rid of my crafty supplies where possible and not really buy new ones (unless I really need something) I was looking over embroidery hoop collection. I basically only stitch on the ones that are rubbery and stretch over the hoop because they never slip off and are a lot easier to get on.

In my crafty kits basket I had one wooden one (which I will use for framing something), two plastic ones which are just so rubbish I gave them to the charity shop because I really don't like them, and two tiny ones which are like the stretchy ones I use to stitch with (but I already have one of that size in my embroidery kit).

I decided it might be nice to stitch my and Donald's initials on them as I really couldn't think of anything else I would use such a tiny hoop for. 

Initials embroidery

Initials embroidery

Initials embroidery

They were so quick to make and are brightening up our windowsill nicely. I took the pattern for the letters from one of my Sublime Stitching books.

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