629 - Tissue cover

April 02, 2013
One of the first things I crafted when I started this blog/started crafting on a regular basis was a tissue cover for Donald for his car.

Tissue holder

Well that was over 2 years ago now, and the tissue cover has fallen apart quite a lot, so I offered to make Donald a replacement one. He asked for this one to be a little bigger, and he picked a nice mustard felt, so here's the finished result.

Tissue pouch

Tissue pouch

I think it looks so much better than my first one. The stitches are neater, and the fact I have actually pinking shears to do the edges makes it look much better. It's nice to make the same thing further down the line and see how far you've come, even if it is something as simple as this tissue pouch.


  1. Love it!!wish I used tisssues enough to warrant this!love the mustard felt!xx

  2. Thanks. I'm sure with the little one on the way you'll need tissues soon enough :) x


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