628 - Engagement Card Album

April 01, 2013
When you're getting married, Pinterest is just amazing. There are so many cool wedding related things that you come across, but obviously you can't make them all. There's a few things I've seen though that I've been determined I needed to make, and this album for our engagement cards was one of them.

This tutorial from Something Turquoise is literally the most detailed tutorial I've ever seen, but depending one how you want your album to look, some bits might not apply.

So here's mine, I'm so happy with it.

Wedding album
Front cover with ribbon tied

Wedding album
Wedding decorations

Wedding album
Ribbon open

Wedding album
Our cards!

Wedding album
Inside back cover.

Wedding album
Outside back cover.

I used green papers to fit in with our overall woodland theme, and I thought the yellow ribbon went quite well with the green colours. I also remembered I had the love heart shaped push pins, which was just perfect. I love this, it's so pretty, was quite easy (though took quite a while to make) and it will keep all our cards lovely and safe.

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