624 - Granny rectangles

March 25, 2013
As you know, when I learned to crochet, granny squares were the first thing I nailed down. They are so easy I love them, and they look amazing.

I've been wanting to make a cover for a stool I inherited from my Gran when she died, and I'm sure I mentioned many a time that I wanted to crochet a cover for it. This week I got the crochet bug and decided enough was enough, I was going to make this damn stool cover. I have loads of wool, so no excuses.

While research it online, because there are loads of examples of stool covers, I found for the rectangular stool I have, I would need to make a granny rectangle. Seems obvious right? I want to make one big granny rectangle, and not loads of little ones joined together, as it'll be so much easier to work on.

This example is pretty much exactly what I'm going for.

Homespun living suggests using this tutorial for a granny rectangle, and reading it, it seems quite simple (though it's all written in American terminology). The main problem I had when I was imagining this stool cover was how to make it turn down at the edges and cover the sides of the stool, instead of just being a blanket. This stool cover tutorial explain you just do less trebles into the corner once you want to start shaping your rectangle. It all seems to simple now.

Granny rectangles are just as lovely as granny squares, so I'm hoping I'll have something to show you all soon. In the meantime, here are some awesome granny rectangle examples I came across. Lush!

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