621 - Rose keyring

March 19, 2013
I got my new issue of Cross Stitcher at the weekend and it came with a little rose key fob kit. I thought this one was extra cool because it involved stitching through wood, which I've never done before, so I was excited to try it. I did it at the weekend while watching the wrestling and episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Rose key ring

It took a little longer than the 2 hours the magazine said it would, but I think that's just because the needle got stuck a lot and Cross Stitcher give you quite short length of thread, so you spend most of the time starting new pieces of thread. Annoying.

It was fun stitching on wood because it was much easier than fabric, because it didn't fold or fray or anything. I also love how it turned out. The block colours are so nice and I'm so glad no back stitch was involved.


  1. I have yet to start mine! I'm considering changing the pattern and using my own thread, mainly because so many people have said about the thread! xx

  2. So annoying! Spend most of my time tying knots, which I know is a cross stitch sin. I ran out of the background blue too but luckily I had the same colour in my stash.


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