609 - Mario Week - Fimo Clay

February 26, 2013
So when I saw the lovely Mollie over at Wild Olive was doing Mario Week I knew I had to get involved. Even though I was Sega kid as a child, I still love Mario and Mario related things (though if there was a Sonic week, I might get even MORE excited!).

Following on from my post yesterday, I decided to break out the Fimo clay for my Mario week post. Now, these are the first things I have ever made in Fimo clay and I'm the first to admit they don't look amazing. But like I said, it's my first shot so I'm hoping to get better.

I decided to make a Mario mushroom and a Piranha Plant as I thought they would be quite easy to make out of clay. I went for a flat look instead of 3D and decided to make them into fridge magnets by gluing magnets on the back after they had been cooked in the oven and then cooled.

Fimo clay mario

Fimo clay mario

So like I said, not drop dead amazing but I'm happy with them. I love trying new things, I'm glad I finally broke out the clay and dived into something different to take part in Wild Olive's Mario week. And now I know how it works and stuff, hopefully I can get better and make neater things in the future.

And here they are on the fridge!

Mario items on fridge


  1. Hi Kim

    Your first dabble at Fimo looks great. I am loving the mushroom.

  2. Kim,

    Just popped over from Wild Olive and these are very nice. Your technique will improve with time and practise just like you said but these are a great start. Since you are into so many things, as listed in your title section, have you checked out Epbot and/or Cake Wrecks? Two awesome sites by the same couple - Jen and John Yates. Highly recommend.
    I enjoyed your posting and will be back. Personally, I was into Zelda. :)


  3. Hey thanks for dropping by! Yeah I've seen cake wrecks, so funny, but I've not actually heard of the other one! I'll check it out.

    Thanks :) x


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