601 - We're Going Down Down...

February 12, 2013
Last week something amazing happened. Fall Out Boy announced they were back to making music after being on a three year hiatus. Fall Out Boy are hands down one of my most favourite bands in the whole wide world. I was beyond happy when I found out they were back to making tunes.

To celebrate, I decided to make this embroidery that I've had pinned on my Pinterest board for ages now.

Fall out boy embroidery

Here's the drawing I made the pattern from.

If you've no idea what this embroidery is, check out the Sugar, We're Going Down video and it might make a little more sense!

Believers Never Die.


  1. I love the fabric you used!

    Have you seen them live before? x

  2. Thanks! Though it does make it hard to get a good photo. It seems to blend into it!

    Yeah I've seen them live...4 times I think? Once at the SECC and three times at the Corn Exchange. Can't wait till they come back to the UK :D x

  3. love it!!this has been on my to do list too!love the fabric! love the song,its one of my favs!interested to hear their new stuff,ive missed them! xx

  4. had somehow missed the fob news! i came here through links -- you know, you get on pinterest, find something, then fall through the rabbit hole. i don't know if i came direct from pinterest or from another blog or what at this point. :snicker: so i've been over here and found this and i'm glad :)

  5. Haha glad you found me! Yeah I'm so excited for FOB being back. :) x


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