597 - Wedding Cake Ideas

February 05, 2013
A wedding cake is one of those wedding expenses that I'm having trouble with. It's...a cake. Have you seen how expensive they are?!? Like it's honestly insane. While not all of them are through the roof mental prices, a lot of them are, especially some of the more "out there" ones that I've been looking at.

These are some of the best ones I've come across on Pinterest (though again, like my cake toppers, none of these are ones we're actually looking at! That would be telling haha!). I've not idea of the price of these ones, but after looking through wedding magazines, I'm guessing it's more than I want to pay!

I love the colours in this one. So lovely. If I could actually have any of them, I would defo have this one.

At the end of the day I want something that looks nice but is also tasty! After all that's the whole point.

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