584 - Work in Progress Wednesday

January 16, 2013
I feel having a blog is all about changing your mind. Seeing what works and seeing what doesn't. Stuff can work for a while and then you decide it doesn't anymore. I feel that's what has happened to WIP Wednesdays.

Last week I said I was just going to post photos. Mainly because me being like "here's this thing I've been working on" for like the 8th week in a row was probably getting boring. But I haven't made any progress on my snowman in the last week. Work's been busy, I'm trying to learn to be a ref and I'm doing wedding stuff. So there's no guarantee I'll actually make progress on something week to week. With that in mind, this is the last WIP Wednesday. A day off from blogging midweek and not feeling the pressure just to craft so I have something to post about will be nice.

As a farewell, here is what I'm working on tonight...wedding planning! EEK!

Wedding planning stuff

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