572 - Work in Progress Wednesday

January 02, 2013
For work in progress Wednesday this week I thought I would look back over my 10 favourite finished projects from 2012. I made a lot of things this year, and I'm very proud of most of them ha ha! So let's take a look.

1. Wolf boner embroidery.

Little Red Riding Hood

I loved making this (so much I made it twice) and even though it's a bit rude, I still think it looks awesome sitting on top of our bookcase.

2. Evil Dead Book of the Dead iPhone case.

Evil Dead iPod case

I made this for Donald, and he still uses it (even though the Velcro has come off one side. I like this so much because it all came from my own brain instead of copying it, which I was very happy about.

3. Daria in perler beads.

Daria perler beads. She's quite massive.

I love this so much because it turned out huge! And the bigger a perler beads thing is, the harder it is to iron. But I managed it...just.

4. Guess How Much I Love You cross stitch.

Guess How Much I Love You cross stitch

This was an effort. So many shades of brown. I was almost in tears trying to get all the backstitch done before I took it out to my mum. But it looked so good in the end, I sort of forgot all that. I love how it turned out.

5. Love and a Sandwich hoop.

Cupcake applique

I had always wanted to make a hoop in this style, so when Feeling Stitchy did this particular stitch along I was so excited! I'm really hoping to make more hoops like this as it was quite easy but they look amazing.

6. Cath Kidston cushion.

Crochet Cath Kidston cushion

As my first completed crochet item I think this is pretty nifty. Even though I ran out of wool near the end, it still turned out better than I could have hoped.

7. Swallow hoop.


I love this cross. The blocked pattern, the colours, the fabric I mounted it on. It's just lovely.

8. Frankenstein cross stitch.

Frankenstein cross stitch

Again, I love this pattern. And just seeing it come together was awesome.

9. My tree skirt.

Tree skirt

Oh god this was painful by the end but I love how it turned out and I'm so happy to finally have a tree skirt!

10. My tea cup plush.

Tea ornament

Again, in my head I didn't think this little guy would turn out as cute as he did. I was quite surprised by very happy!

I love everything I made this year, even if some of it was a little wonky in places! Roll on this year for more crafty goodness.

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