Friday, 31 August 2012

458 - Friday Favs Top 10

Lovely little Christmas snow globes! Yes!

Cute fox bag.

This print is pretty much my and my boy. Love it.

Cute embroidery.

Amazing Paris print. I love Paris.

Lovely little pouch tutorial. I want to make one!

Amazing superhero cross stitched toys!

This ice cream headband is epic. I also need to make this.

Cute tooth fairy pouch.

Amazing cat embroidery that I just need need need. It's all black work. So good!

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

457 - Last Look Back August

Okay so while I haven't really been crafting this week, I have been Smash Booking! I did an epic 6 pages all on our holidays. So check them out!













I have to say, I love my instant camera!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

456 - Work in Progress Wednesday

Okay this is a total fail of a post because since my craft attack when I was actually away on holiday, all I've done since I've come back was add a tiny bit to my scarf!


I had derby tonight and last night, teamed with going back to work, crafty moods were just not to be found! I have lots on the go though so hopefully I'll get back in gear for next week!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

455 - New derby gear

So before I went on holidays I treated myself to some new derby gear. An expensive but awesome hobby! So I thought I would show of my lovely new buys before I use them too much and they don't look very new anymore.


Lovely new purple toe guards. Go FVRG!


Some sweet green outdoor wheels.


Amazing new knee pads. I've wanted these since I started skating. They are lovely and comfy.


New elbow pads. Not the most exciting but they are open at the back which will hopefully stop my skin flaring up when I skate.

I got the elbow pads from Amazon but everything else came from the amazing skate owned 5th Blocker Skates. Check them out. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

454 - Holiday update

So while I was on holiday I took some lovely craft kits with me to get on with during the evenings. I took quite a lot with me and I knew I would nowhere near finish them all, but it was nice to have the choice. So let's check it out.

Gingerbread man cross stitch

I finished this little Gingerbread man cross stitch. I've ordered some little frames to put him and a couple of other little cross stitches in, so hopefully get him finished off soon.


I started and did most of this swallow cross stitch. I loved doing this. It had no fractionals, no back stitch and just three lovely colours. Only the blue filling in to go and then I can frame it.


And finally my scarf. I've only got 5 rows of colour to go now, so close to being finished. Well I still have to sew in ALL the ends. Sigh. But loving that it's nearly finished.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

453 - Sunday Snaps

To check out all my latest snaps, check out my Instagram account!


Saturday, 25 August 2012

452 - Sublime Stitching patterns

Last week I treated myself to some new Sublime Stitching PDF patterns. I've never bought just the PDFs before, though I have got a couple free with other stuff I've bought. You get the link sent to your inbox like right away. It's crazy fast. Anyway, here are the awesome patterns I picked.

The mythic creatures one was the reason I bought them. It has Bigfoot on the pattern sheet, and Jenny from Sublime Stitching pointed out that if you stitch him in blue, he's the abominable snowman! Win! 

Mythic Creatures.

Zombies and Monsters.

Roller derby.


Sexy Librarians.

I suggest you check out their stuff, the patterns are amazing!

Friday, 24 August 2012

451 - Friday Favs Top 10

Amazing owl gloves. If only I could knit like this.

Been perving on some lovely Smash Book pages lately. This one is lovely.

Lovely neon necklace.

I love this outfit! I could so rock this at work.

Love the colours in this stitching!

Cute cushion.

Lovely needle felted owl.

Amazing campfire set. So cute.

Amazing Wonder Woman glasses.

Lovely scrapbooking stamp.

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

450 - Old derby birthday cards

So another chunk of time has gone past, so I have some more derby birthday cards to show off. Woo!

Derby birthday card

Derby birthday card

Derby birthday card

Derby birthday card

I'm loving using perler beads on cards. They are so easy and look quite cool.

One batch of cards to go and then that's them all done. Phew!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

449 - Work in Progress Wednesday

So this is not a full WIP post. I'm off on my holidays with lots of craft kits and I can't post about those. But I can post about the things I worked on between last Wednesday and Saturday when I left.

First my snowman. I did a whole other section of my snowman, and it was a section that wasn't just white, which was fun.


Next Batman. I finished Catwoman! Woo! I used a lot of black thread though.


And my Cath Kidston scarf is also off with me, so hopefully I'll be able to show off loads of lovely progress next week!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

448 - Christmas tags

So before I show off my Christmas tags I have a quick update on the Wild Olive stitch swap I took part in ages ago. I never saw my little owl pop up in the Wild Olive Flickr group when other people were receiving their pieces. I also think (I say think because I can't find it in my sent box) I emailed my partner and never heard back as to whether she had received her piece. I was sad to think my little owl had been lost in the post.

Wild Olive Embroidery swap

However, when I was clearing out my Bloglovin' follow list I found Sew, Vintage, Sew Fun and realised that was my swap partner. After searching under her "stitching" tag I found this post from April featuring my owl! He made it after all. So happy.

So let's move on to my Christmas tags. They were a set of 6 from Cross Stitcher so I thought I would take a bash at them. I have to admit, I left out a lot of the backstitch I was supposed to put in because I felt they looked fine without them and it was a lot of extra time just for some gift tags!

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

Xmas tags

There was a lot of fractionals in these patterns and I hate fractions! Grr!

So here's an update on my Christmas making list.
  1. Christmas coaster - tree.
  2. Christmas coaster - Santa.
  3. Snowman latch hook kit. 
  4. Lickie Ted Christmas stitch kit.
  5. Reindeer cake band stitch kit. 
  6. Christmas tag.
  7. Christmas tag.
  8. Christmas tag.
  9. Christmas tag.
  10. Christmas tag.
  11. Christmas tag.
  12. Christmas kitten stitch kit.
  13. Christmas card.
  14. Christmas card.
  15. Christmas card.
  16. Christmas card.
  17. Christmas card.
  18. Christmas card.
  19. Tree skirt. 
  20.  Christmas nyan cat perler beads. 
  21. Christmas card wreath. 
  22. Wild Olive Snowman plush.
  23. Christmas Space Invaders piece. 
  24. Magazine items I'm bound to get at Christmas.
  25. Magazine items I'm bound to get at Christmas.
This is not my definite list (especially since I've seen the awesome things I'll be getting free in Cross Stitcher in the run up to Christmas, but it's nice to keep me on track).

Monday, 20 August 2012

Sunday, 19 August 2012

446 - Sunday Snaps

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Saturday, 18 August 2012

445 - Sketchy Saturday 6

Do you think I'm pretty?

Do you think I'm pretty?

The colours in this are really light so it's quite hard to see!

Here is the link to the original.

Friday, 17 August 2012

444 - Friday Favs Top 10

Ridic cute Wild Olive embroidery. I love this.

More amazing ideas for paint chips. So lovely.

Love the colours in these gloves.

Amazing cloud brooches.

Cute washi tape basket. Think I'm getting so much I totally need this now!

Little panda buddy. Aww.

Bird house key holder!

Should I complete my old lady transformation with this cool glasses chain?

Zombie phone cover. Yes please!

The colours in this are amazing! I'm in love.

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

443 - Holiday Crafts

So we're off on holidays this week and of course, I'm taking some craft kits with me. We're going to a little cottage in Yorkshire somewhere, and I'm hoping out evenings will be full of movies, cider and crafting.

Tonight I picked out the kits I'm going to take with me. I'm in now way saying that I'll be able to finish all of these in a week, but I would like to have a choice.

So here we go.

First up we have some Christmas craft kits. Hoping to go a little further towards my 25. 

Holiday craft kit

Holiday craft kit

Next we have my Rock and Roll Doctor cross stitch kit which I still haven't made! God! Excited to get on this.

Holiday craft kit

And finally my knitting. Something nice and easy to pick up and put down again.

So we'll see how I get on. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

442 - Work in Progress Wednesday

So no snowman this week. I was bad and started cross stitching something (which I have finished and will show off next week) but yeah...the snowman got no love this week.

My Batman tableware set.



I finished Harley Quinn and started a bit of Catwoman. She's basically all black so not the most interesting, but she'll probably look awesome when she's done.

My scarf next.


I'm back to the green again so I've done another two sections since last week.

I'm on holiday next week so I'm not sure how much I'll get done of these projects while I'm away. I'll be taking things with me, but probably mainly Christmas cross stitch, though the knitting may come.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

441 - Stool cover

Okay so since I posted this picture of a granny square stool cover on Friday I've been thinking about it for my stool in my living room.

Our little stool looks like this and my Gran had covered it in white sheep fleece type stuff. My Mum has been saying for ages that we should cover it in nice fabric, but I'm never too sure of my sewing abilities.


I've been looking up stool covers on Pinterest, and they all look so lovely.

I'm confident I could do this if I tried. After all, it's just a giant granny square. I had a look in my Granny Square Love book by Sarah London, and they have this project which I think might be a good idea of what I need to do, but smaller.

Granny square book

Obvious I'm going to wait until I've finished my other projects, because if I start this one it'll be a biggie. It'll mean going out and picking wool and everything. Exciting.