Thursday, 31 May 2012

366 - Last Look Back - May

So, this is my new sort of feature to look back at any Smash Book pages I've done in the past month. I thought it would be better to keep them all to one post instead of posting about them every time I do a page.

Obviously I've only had my Smash Book up and running since my birthday, but I've already made three pages. I have to say I love it. I love doing my pages. They are so quick and easy and look great, and I can't wait to look back on it in years to come. So happy I decided to splash out and buy myself one.

Anyway, let's check out the pages from May.

My Birthday.

Smashbook look back May

Smashbook look back May

Donald's first jammer ref bout.

Smashbook look back May

Smashbook look back May

Slamdunk Scotland.

Smashbook look back May

Smashbook look back May

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

365 - Hobbycraft

So I got £20 worth of Hobbycraft vouchers for my birthday from Donald's sister and I decided to take a trip up there at the weekend. I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to buy, I just wanted to get some nice things.

I ended up spending £39! Oops! But really it was only £19 so it's all good.

hobbycraft goodies

First up I got this finger knitting kit. I've seen them in Hobbycraft before, but they were only £2.99 when I was there at the weekend, which I think was very cheap compared to what they were last time. I've not opened the box yet, but apparently you can make a lot of things with the kit like a scarf, a hat or a snood. I'm excited.

I also bought a flower press. I used to have one when I was little which my grandad made me. It wasn't the most even flower press I've ever seen and I think I got rid of it when I moved out of my mum's. However, I read on the Dainty Squid about pressing flowers and it got me thinking about it again, especially as I've started scrap booking. It's lovely and comes with frames, cards and key rings to mount the flowers. I'll do a more detailed post when I get round to use it. Exciting.

hobbycraft goodies

I got a piece of fabric with a lovely craft themed print on it. I'm not sure what I'll use it for yet, but it was in the clearance section and was so pretty.

I also got a clear stamping block for the alphabet stamps I got my birthday and two Christmas coaster kits which were only £1.49 each. I've done a little mosaic before but I never got round to grouting the other piece (a mirror) so I'm excited to try these.

hobbycraft goodies

Some lovely DMC effects thread. I picked some lovely colours that just jumped out at me. So cute. Can't wait to use them.

hobbycraft goodies

Possibly the most random buy of all way this paint by numbers kit. I had read, again on The Dainty Squid, quite recently about paint by numbers, and I do remember it was something I never really had the skills for as a child. I stumbled across some kits in Hobbycraft, and while I was looking for a smaller kit than this version, when I found out this was only £2.99 I was all over it.

We'll see how it goes but it wasn't too expensive so I'm not worried if I mess it up.

So I got quite a lot of crafts I've not tried before/not tried for a while. Exciting craft times ahead!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

364 - Ginger Snaps

So for my birthday Donald got me one of those stitchable iPhone cases, which I had been after even long before I had an iPhone. The space on the back isn't that big, so I thought doing a quote on it would be quite fun.

I picked this one from Ginger snaps, which is one of my favourite movies of all time.

Stitched iPhone case

In case you can't read it, it says "Out by 16 or dead in this scene". But together forever. Looking it up after I stitched people seem to say it's either "dead on the scene" or "dead in the scene", but I just rewatched the scene on You Tube and I hear "this scene" so I'm happy even if I am wrong. Ha ha. 

If you haven't seen Ginger Snaps I suggest you check it out. I love it to pieces. There are a couple of sequels too, but they aren't as good (unless you're a super fan like me).

Here's the awesome intro to give you an idea of what it's like.

Monday, 28 May 2012

363 - Mood board Monday 2



It's been so lovely and warm in Scotland for the past week or so. Bring on the summer.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

362 - Sunday Snaps

You can't see me
My John Cena hat and t-shirt Donald got me for my bday

Filling my recipe book with asda recipes
Filling out my handwritten recipe book

Peek at my first smash book page
First peek at my first Smash Book page. Spelling mistake already!

Ever the professional
Twisters at work.

All the pasta plus all the cheese
The biggest pot of pasta I've ever seen. Nom.

Wooden animals necklace
Wooden animals necklace.

Watching tv is boring.
Watching TV.

Awesome skirt and leggings combo from my fierce valley roller girls :)
My lovely birthday pressie from my derby girls.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

361 - A Month of Craft Photos Update 8

20. Struggles.

Day 20. Struggles.

21. Left overs.

Day 21. Leftovers

22. Your stash.

Day 22. Your stash.

23. Planning.

Day 23. Planning.

24. Guilty pleasure.

Day 24. Guilty pleasure.

25. Favourite material.

Day 25. Favourite material.

26. Discovery.

Day 26. Discovery.

Friday, 25 May 2012

360 - Friday Favs Top 10

I love the colours of this. So yummy.

Omg, I don't even care what these taste like. They are so cute.

Lovely fox brooch.

Oh lord this Instagram pouch is so cute.

I know I've been going on about hair a lot, but THIS is the hair I want.

I love the colours on this. So lovely.

Lovely cushions. Cuties.

I love caravans and this is amazing. I wish I didn't have as much stuff sometimes so I could just live in one of these. Or at least travel one summer.

Lovely garden drinks set.

Ruler table runner.

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

359 - Birthday pressies

So it was my birthday on Sunday, in case you didn't know, and I was a very lucky girl. I thought it would be nice to show off some of the lovely pressie I got, mainly the crafty related ones.

Birthday stuff
Latch hooking rug kit. So cute.

Birthday stuff
Lovely craft books.

Birthday stuff
Notebook, cross stitchable iPhone case and pink nuts for my skates

Birthday stuff
Stamps and 30 ink pads! Holy cow! Lovely colours.

Birthday stuff
Cute herb planters for when I get an awesome kitchen

I also got some lovely crafty gift vouchers and a 2 hour crochet lesson from Donald's Mum and sister! I cannot wait for that one. Also means I have lovely crafty money to spend at Hobbycraft and The Edinburgh Bead Shop. Eek! Happy times.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

358 - Hair hair hair.

I've been dying my hair for longer than I can remember. It all started in high school, with pink highlights, and having the underneath of it dyed purple or red. As I got older, I started dying it permanently. It was different shades of blonde at first, before I eventually dyed it red, purple, brown, black and a lovely orange shade due to the fact that black hair does not like being bleached.

I've gone on and off red hair dye a couple of times, but before I dyed it blonde a couple of month's ago, my hair had been red since just before my 21st birthday. As I've just turned 25, that was about 4 years of solid red.

The problem with my hair just now is I'm in a sort of hair rut. I decided to see what it be like if I bleached it blonde, as I hadn't seen my natural hair colour in years. I've had it blonde for a week now, and while I do like it, I do find it a bit boring. I'm used to my bright red hair, and things like clothes and even eye make-up no longer going with my blonde hair is throwing me off a bit. Also, I've decided I'd like to grow my hair, after about 2 years of having it short. Thus begins the long process of waiting for it to grow. *Sigh*.

So all this = hair rut.

While I don't plan on dying it some crazy colour just now (and hopefully for a long time as I would like to grow it before I possibly dye it again) I have been looking at different hair colours. White is such a blank canvas, so if I did dye it again, I could pick anything!

I'm leaning heavily towards the orange/red share of things. I've seen some awesome bottle orange hair dyes over the past couple of weeks, and I think they would look a nicer/healthier shade of orange than 1) the big pots of paint style dye you get or 2) "oops I've bleached my hair wrong" orange. 

Here are some other colours I would love to try!

And of course, my favourite section of the colour wheel!

I think I like this orange the most!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

357 - Bake once a month - May had to happen at some point this year. With all this baking I've been doing, something had to go wrong eventually. And it happened last week, while I tried to make brownies.

I've never made brownies before. The recipe was from a baking book I got from Next in their sale, and it was for white chocolate brownies with walnuts. Yum.

Here's what they were supposed to look like.

Currently baking these bad boys. Hope mine look this good.

And here's what mine looked like.



Not only are they totally wrong the colour, but it's clearly a cake and not a brownie. I blame our awful oven, though I'm still not sure why they're the wrong colour!

However, they do taste quite nice, but still not brownies. Grr! I may attempt brownies another month, but for now, I can still say, I've never really made brownies. Sigh.

Monday, 21 May 2012

356 - Smash Book Love

So when I first got my Smash Book stuff I posted a picture of it all together in the lovely pile it came out the box in. However, seeing as I've been putting off using it until after my birthday, I felt there was little need to go into it further. But as my birthday was yesterday, I thought it would be nice to look at stuff in a little more detail as I can FINALLY start using it! Woo!

First up my lovely pink Smash Book itself, and some of my favourite pages from inside it. They're all different, I've no idea where to start!

Smash book stuff

Smash book stuff

Smash book stuff

Smash book stuff

Next up we have all the cute extras, including some pockets to put things in you don't want to stick down.

Smash book stuff

Some tags and stickys.

Smash book stuff

Some clips, big bands to hold the book together and my awesome date stamp!

Smash book stuff

Mini Smash Pads and some lovely tape with awesome words written on it.

Smash book stuff

And finally, the lovely home of all my Smash Book stuff.
Smash book stuff

I actually can't wait to get started. I've collected some little bits from my birthday night out, so hopefully I'll make a page on that soon, thought starting is quite a scary thought.

I've decided that as close to the last month of the day as I can get, I'm going to do a post with a couple of pictures of any scrap booking pages I've done each month, so as not to overload you with picture of each page every time I do them.

I'm excited. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

355 - Sunday Snaps

Image via

Sup guys! It's my birthday today! Woo! Even though I'm turning 25, and supposed to be acting like an adult, I'm still quite the child when it comes to birthdays! So while I'm off at Mama Bear's house enjoy foods and cake, check out my Sunday snaps!

My lovely new handbag sewing kit :)
My new handbag sewing kit. So cute!

New feature on the blog tomorrow.
A sneak peak at my Moodboard Monday before it was published last week

My lovely @cupcakes4clara stuff arrived this morning! So cute!
My lovely Cupcakes for Clara stuff arrived! Look how cute!

My new book bag <3
Awesome bookbag my mum gave me! I will be using it to stop my books getting wrecked in my handbag.

How the hell did I get a bruise under my wrist guard?
Random under the wrist guard bruise. Not sure how I managed that one.

Currently baking these bad boys. Hope mine look this good.
What my brownies should have looked like. You can see how they turned out on Tuesday.

Lovely birthday card from work mates :)
Birthday card from workmates

Jack jack :)
Me and Jack en route to a walk

Creepy hospital
Creepy hospital village we went for a walk round!

Creepy hospital

Creepy hospital

Creepy hospital

Creepy woods

Creepy hospital

Creepy hospital

Creepy hospital

Ready for birthday night out :)
Ready for birthday night out

Bathroom outfit shot :p
In the club bathroom shot :P