562 - Friday Favs Top 10

December 21, 2012
As it's Christmas in a few days (so excited!) this week's Friday Favs will be Christmas themed! Whoop whoop!

It wouldn't be Christmas without Wild Olive. I love this brooch.

Cute crochet trees. Eek!

Lovely pink wreath.

Lovely fabric gift tags. I wish I could make these.

Lovely little cup gingerbread houses.

Amazing gift wrap that looks like mail. Double cute.

Granny square Christmas tree. If only I hadn't crippled my hand doing the tree skirt ha ha!

Lovely string snowman. Such a cutie.

Tiny Christmas embroideries.

Oh I love these stockings! Look at the bear!

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  1. I love your Friday Favs; there's always such wonderful stuff on them! I think I like those crochet trees the most. They look so nifty.

  2. Thank you :D Yes I love those trees! So cute! x


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