529 - Poppies

November 10, 2012
Tomorrow (November 11th) is Remembrance Day and so so I thought I would share with you this lovely crochet pattern I saw.

I've seen a few crochet patterns for poppies but I have to say this is the prettiest one, and the most realistic (as the black middle is crocheted and not just a button and it had leaves).

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This pattern is from The Bead Shop Scotland and only costs a £1 (all of which goes to the Poppy Appeal). How can you say no?

I bought the pattern for myself but I've not had the time to make it, but I can make it for next year!

Handmade brooches are also more eco friendly than buying a poppy every year that just gets binned, but it would be nice if you still considered donating to the Poppy Appeal every year.

If you're not a dab hand at crochet, you can buy the brooch pre-made for £7.95 with £2 from every sale going to the Poppy Appeal.

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  1. This is lovely! I did have to look up "Remembrance Day" (I know it as Veteran's Day) but we do the poppies here too. :)


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