Saturday, 3 November 2012

522 - The Pumpkin

So Halloween is past but last week I got my pumpkin carving on. I love having a pumpkin, and I do it every year, but I hate doing it. The guts of a pumpkin are just rank and it's so messy (and stressful as I usually cut myself or if you make a mistake, the whole thing is ruined).

This year I wanted to do a pumpkin munching on a little pumpkin, so we bought a satsuma last week while we were shopping and I got my carve on.



He sat outside my door like my pumpkin did last year, but I only lit it on Halloween (otherwise the neighbours might think I was a bit odd).

I'm very proud of how my pumpkin looks this year, though I feel sorry for the little pumpkin getting munched! 

It's my roller derby team's Halloween party tonight so I'll be getting my dressing up on. I'll post pictures next week!


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